The First – Part 2

Yes there is a part 2!

Today is a new day, and I would like to start off with wishing you all a happy Monday! Yep, I’m doing so, because I I just had an amazing day! Although I did go to work, my evening was spent with the one and only Mr. K! He picked me up (such a gentleman) and we drove off onto the wonderful 407. I shall continue today’s adventures for tomorrow, until then enjoy the second part of the first…,

Now to the story! I left off with that first kiss given to me by Mr. K. After we said our good-byes I headed back home. Within a few hours approximately at 4:00pm, I receive a wonderful text from him. He was delightful and expressed that he had a great time seeing me and hoped that we wouldn’t have any more awkward encounters between us. Let me make it a bit clear, it wasn’t really awkward between us, but meeting someone for the first time is usually more formal, so I do agree with him on it! As I left off in the previous post, his kiss made the juices run. It was pretty much like a tease and I wanted him so much more. The feelings were definitely mutual! I am a girl who loves to tease a guy and give him a taste of what he’s about to expect. So the naughty little me decides to send him an erotic video. The video consists of me playing with myself, working my hands all over my special V. Note: Girls, if you ever want to throw your man off edge, I suggest sending a sexy video to him. Especially by surprise. It’s a great way to spice up your sex life and show him how empowered you are by your sexuality. Being confident with your self will really attract him in more. Anyhow, after sending my sexy video, I noticed that he became more eager to see me. He wanted me right there and couldn’t hold his urge to rip my clothes off and well… fuck me.

12:00 AM, and Mr. K suggests that I be a little naughty and sneak out at night. I usually don’t do these kinds of things but the thrill of sneaking out of my house late night to see a boy is well, exhilarating. I told him yes and gave him the green light to come over. When I got the text that he was outside my house, I slipped out and hopped right into his car. I’m going to admit, I was so nervous, but that quickly went away by Mr. K’s pleasant personality. He really does know how to comfort me and I did feel completely safe. As we are driving through my area, I direct him to park his car in the lot of a school close by. As we came to a complete stop, Mr. K pulls me over and gives me a kiss. I push away and let him know that we need to go to the back seat before things get steamy. We both make our way to the back seat of his car, and I immediately get on top of him and kiss him.  At this point, we are in a month’s worth of bottled up energy and eagerness to fuck, so you can imagine how passionate we were. 

Mr. K quickly takes off my clothes and starts to suck on my nipples. I cannot explain how amazing that felt, and I swear I could of came right there. I work my way taking off his shirt and work myself down to his P. I take his pants off and to my surprise was a lean, thick penis that transformed my thoughts into reality. It looked amazing, and I immediately placed it in my mouth. Sucking, licking and deep throating were my continuous motions on it. Meanwhile, Mr. K placed his fingers in my V and vigorously worked in and out, leading me to moans while having his P stuffed in my mouth. He also decides to stick a finger in my ass, which to my surprise felt great! The actions of giving Mr. K a blow job, made me so horny giving me the urge to want him inside me. 

I hop right back on top of him and slowly insert his P inside me. The pleasure and pain increase as I ride him faster and faster. It was surreal knowing this man that I had been talking to for a month was heavily inside me touching my pleasurable spots. Not only did I feel empowered in this position, I felt extremely sexy. Although it was dark, I was able to lock eyes with Mr. K. The deep connection to our bodies was accompanied by eye to eye interaction which made the whole experience more pleasurable.

After riding him for a great amount of time, I worked my way back to his P. At this point I was infatuated at what his penis could do and how it made me feel. I place my mouth over it again and suck him as deep as I could go. The eagerness to fuck again had stroke and I knew I wanted him inside me. This time on top of me! Mr. K lays me down on my back bending my legs far back over. He slowly thrusts his cock inside me deeply penetrating my V. The harder he thrusts, the louder my moans had gotten. Over and over repeatedly I was being f*cked by Mr. K, I could feel my orgasm rise and come to the moment of climax. At this point, my legs were numb, and a flow of sensation worked it’s way to my pelvic area. I knew I was about to cum, and demanded him to fuck me harder. At this moment in time, I release all the energy bottled up inside me and cum to pieces all over his cock. My entire body was spent and I was lost in his erotica. I never imagined cumming during sex as this wasn’t possible for me to do before. Mr. K continued to fuck me and did not grant me mercy. Thrusting and thrusting in me soon led him to cum. His burst of hot cum was smothered all over my body. At that moment I couldn’t explain to him how sexy he looked and how amazing he was. It was beyond what I expected and wanting me to crave him even more..


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